ELEQT Group is a social networking and technology company offering the achievers of the world networking, funding and business growth opportunities to move Faster Forward Together.

Our globally active group consists of the world's leading luxury lifestyle and social discovery network ELEQT, the pioneering business network for entrepreneurs RocketHub, and our equity crowd funding access platform ELEQUITY which matches the best young, innovative companies with the smartest capital.

The ELEQT Group is a privately owned enterprise headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with offices worldwide, including the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East,and the Caribbean.

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ELEQT is the world's leading exclusive social discovery network for trendsetters in innovation, luxury and business. ELEQT brings intimacy, trust and relevance to social networking by offering a high-end audience a trusted platform to connect with their peers around the world, and to make a difference in the world by empowering others to be successful.

ELEQT links its members with fascinating people and connects them with things to do, places to go, trends to follow and ideas to share. ELEQT also organizes exclusive member-only events, such as networking meetings, tastings, premieres, conferences, and galas. And it presents members with intriguing opportunities for both discussion and potential investment.



RocketHub is the world's leading social network for entrepreneurs.

We believe entrepreneurs are the heroes of the business world and we are here to serve them. Similar to extreme sport athletes, entrepreneurs continuously take risks, reinventing themselves and their businesses in order to change and improve the world around us, while giving all and often sacrificing a big part of their lives for their companies.

As we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we have nothing but respect and love for fellow entrepreneurs and their never-ending spirit. At RocketHub.com it is our mission to offer the achievers of the world networking, funding and growth opportunities.

Our members are people with bright ideas and clear solutions, who challenge the norm, help each other out, constantly improve, exchange knowledge, innovate and have a desire to grow themselves and their business. The result is a community of highly motivated people that offer each other the network and the premium tools they need to succeed.

We are a global community where entrepreneurs connect, inspire and grow. We strongly believe that we will move Faster Forward Together.

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ELEQUITY™ is the equity crowd funding platform of choice for companies which seek to match new and innovative product ideas with high-end, sophisticated campaigns. These typically range from classic luxury products to the "new" luxury of artisanal and curated products which support a meaningful and empowered lifestyle. Developed on the knowledge, experience and technology of RocketHub.com, one of the largest and earliest pioneers in crowdfunding, Elequity allows the brightest and most innovative lifestyle entrepreneurs to present their plans to our global network of affluent achievers, who in turn seek to nurture and support these entrepreneurs.

ELEQUITY™ is the pivot point between our leading social discovery network ELEQT and our entrepreneur business network RocketHub, with a clear mission: to connect the best young companies with the smartest capital.